After many changes along the years, now I manage the following gears:

Rigs:     Purpose

  • Yaesu FT847     HF+50+Satellite
  • Yaesu FT817     SOTA, portable tests, IF for 1296MHz
  • Kenwood TR2500     2m portable
  • PRC6/6     6m portable
  • Kenwood TH72D     satellite portable, SOTA, APRS
  • Yaesu FRG9600     IF of 2.4GHz downconverter
  • Hammarlund SP600     HF general receiver
  • Home made RTX     Analogic ATV, 23/3cm
  • IC-R100     Satellite beacon monitoring
  • Fun Cube Dongle General purpose SDR
  • RTL usb dongle General purpose SDR
  • Elad FDM-S1 General purpose SDR

Band:     Type

  • HF     7m modified Mosley Devant Special with CG3000 automatic tuner
  • HF     R&S HFH EMI receiving antenna
  • 6m     Cushcraft AR6 ringo
  • 6-2m     MFJ GP (for mobile)
  • HF     set of mobile whip antenna
  • HF     5m “fishrod” antenna with AT2 automatic tuner, SOTA use
  • ATV 23cm     17 yagi
  • ATV 3cm     60cm offset dish + modified LNB
  • 2/70     dual band HB9CV for portable
  • 2/70     dual band magnetic whip for car
  • 1m home made shielded loop active antenna LF-HF monitoring
  • 1296 69 elements home made yagi

And here my laboratory-shack. Please forgive the endless mess..


100_8423 100_8424 100_8425

By iw4blg

Pierluigi Poggi since his childhood has been attracted from technical stuffs and gears, being a very curious guy. He built his first Xtal radio when he was just 9. Today, we would call him “maker”. When he turned to 21 became radio amateur, with call sign iw4blg. Since then, he developed many radio gears and felt in love with space communication, becoming an EMErs and a satellite enthusiast. His great passion led him to experiment a lot on the higher bands, up to pioneering several THz (lightwaves) QSOs on the early ’90. Beside to this passion to the radio communication and modern technologies, he like to study, experiment, understand-why, then, write and share, or better, spread the knowledge. This fact led him to became a well renowned contributor of electronics magazines with more than 95 articles published and author of 14 science books.

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2 thoughts on “My ham station”
  1. Hi – I found your picture of the Skanti R5001 – but I also see you do not use it any more? I was bidding for one – and won 😉 – I now have to get it – and trim it
    Any hints and tips?

    1. Hej Johan, nice to hear from you. I bought my Skanti R5001 in 2012 from Svebry ham shop in Skovde but then I sold it after a few years. The radio was great but “too much” in my house. It’s built for lasting and give reliable service. Before doing any trim, I would suggest a deep cleaning and a check of performance. Maybe it does not need maintenance/retuning. Select a proper speaker and antenna for sure. I’ll send you some papers and schematic by email, maybe it could help you. Enjoy your radio! Ha det bra! Mny 73

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