Adotta una parola: RADIOAMATORE

Adotta una parola è la nuova iniziativa dell’associazione Dante Alighieri a sostegno della nostra meravigliosa lingua. Adotta una parola – motivazioni

Da amante dell’italiano quanto della radio, non potevo perdere l’opportunità nel mio piccolo di contribuire a valorizzare una delle parole che più hanno caratterizzato le mie passioni: Radioastronomia


By iw4blg

Pierluigi Poggi since his childhood has been attracted from technical stuffs and gears, being a very curious guy. He built his first Xtal radio when he was just 9. Today, we would call him “maker”. When he turned to 21 became radio amateur, with call sign iw4blg. Since then, he developed many radio gears and felt in love with space communication, becoming an EMErs and a satellite enthusiast. His great passion led him to experiment a lot on the higher bands, up to pioneering several THz (lightwaves) QSOs on the early ’90. Beside to this passion to the radio communication and modern technologies, he like to study, experiment, understand-why, then, write and share, or better, spread the knowledge. This fact led him to became a well renowned contributor of electronics magazines with more than 95 articles published and author of 14 science books.

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